Security, beauty and memorable journey

Due to its historical and cultural background Iran has diverse views that their visitation can satisfy the curiosity of tourists and praise them. Any traveler with any motive which travel to Iran can find his or her favorite destinations in accordance with his goals, wishes and plans. Historical monuments from different periods of human settlements on the Iranian plateau along with diverse natural, mountainous and natural landscapes, combined with historical monuments and religious and cultural heritage, set out a variety of motivations for visiting Iran provides.

We are ready to provide recreational services for those patients who are willing to have our services in their journey to Iran.


Companion translator:

Throughout the entire stay and treatment at the center, the interpreter will accompany you and will take all necessary steps as soon as possible. If you need to communicate with your translator, you can contact them at any time of the day.


The Royan Infertility Treatment Center, in addition to providing the most suitable facilities for accommodation and great hosting of our dear guests, has provided convenient transportation and an experienced interpreter in various languages and experts in this field.


By providing appropriate infrastructure, Royan Medical Tourism Center has made it possible for its patients to travel to Iran from any part of the world, and to easily return to their countries after spending their time in Iran. It is also possible for patients to book flights for various purposes within Iran.



Passenger insurance is one of the main challenges for passengers. Royan Medical Tourism Center provide insurance card for its dear patients as soon as possible.