Strengthening the institution of the family as a society’s most important relational structure is a long-term goal meant to be achieved through history. Any support to increase awareness, knowledge, attitude and practice of positive family values and norms can create and raise stable and productive generations of citizens which accordingly can promote peace in society.

The attractive coexistence of science and spirituality made great contribution to turn infertility into fertility. Today tremendous scientific progress, expressly in the field of medical sciences, raises hopes in treatments for infertility.

Established in 1991, Royan Institute is an outpatient surgery center to provide medical services to infertile couples. It is also dedicated to carry out basic and applied research in cell sciences and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). For almost three decades now, Royan Institute is considered as the most reputable center offering a wide range of comprehensive specialized and sub-specialized services in Iran and the Middle East. The success rate of the center can be compared and competed with the best centers in the world. So far, nearly 30000 couples have just given birth to a child by taking advantages of this center’s services.

The international patients department (IPD) of Royan Institute will accompany patients at all stages of treatment so that they can stay focused just on the treatment process in complete peace of mind. IPD staff at Royan Institute are qualified in caring for their patients. Our specialist teams will provide you a treatment plan to enjoy a positive experience. Necessary facilities for accommodation, transfer, appointment, translation services like providing healthcare interpreters within the center, hospital admission and discharge process will be offered to patients.

The TOP BRAND award in the field of healthcare among Islamic countries and also the title of the TOP COMPANY in the field of health tourism in Iran speak volumes about the capabilities and competencies of Royan institute.



To provide our esteemed patients with a premium care and treatment throughout all procedures is what we strive for and do our utmost to create a friendly and peaceful atmosphere in which our clients find themselves under continuous care and attention. We consider ourselves accountable to all clients and patients, particularly in the realm of infertility since a deep care should be paid to both mother and baby, and thus bringing such duties into effect demands to take many facts into account. Courtesy, honor, equity and human rights are the codes we seek for enthusiastically to accomplish and put into act so that all our patients receive their course of treatments in ease.

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